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You can start from anywhere!

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! I wanted to start off my first post by reintroducing the title that yes, you can start from anywhere! No matter what the idea is or what project you are considering, all you have to do is take the first step and start.

My first project before It's Irie Creations officially became a thing, was to be better at drawing. Everyone who knows me or has sat next to me in a meeting will know that I am a doodler and have been for years.

However, it was something that I never really took seriously, despite how much I enjoyed it. If you read my story on my main page, you know that this all changed in 2020...when the pandemic started.

Now, you all may have seen some of my digital art prints that are on my products list, but just know, my drawings were FAR from where they are now. I would like to introduce you all to...the beginning. All this being said, I wanted to help encourage others who are thinking about indulging in their creative sides, but don't know where to start or not feeling like they are good enough. I want this to be a reminder that we all start from somewhere. With this first post, let's treat this as my showcase of where it all started!

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